Email Marketing is Still Highly Effective

Using Inbox Blueprint proves once again that all the people saying email marketing is a thing of the past is total nonsense. I’ve heard that phrase almost from the time I started my own email marketing campaigns about fifteen years ago. I was just out of college with a few useless degrees and couldn’t find gainful employment. With student loans bearing down on me, I decided to give this type of marketing a shot. All you need is a program to manage the operation and sites to put up a harvester to get the emails.

I turned out to be quite successful in this initial endeavor and continued to launch other campaigns. I had my student loans paid off years ahead of time and never did have to spend time looking for that perfect job when I was making more money than most employed people bring in. But even back then people were saying it’s not going to last, they’ll find a way to stop it or make it unprofitable. Nonetheless, I kept making money, and I got really agile about refining my techniques to make even more cash. I’m pretty good at this stuff and I’ve used a lot of programs.

Inbox Blueprint feels like the best one I’ve used, however. The learning curve is very low and in no time at all I was bringing in emails and sending out responses. Soon the money came in and I noticed I was making more for an even less amount of work than I’d ever put in before. If you’re thinking about getting into the game, give this software a shot and see how it goes. I think you’ll find that you’ll pull off a highly successful campaign and you’ll wonder why you never got involved in this before. And don’t worry: email isn’t going away anytime soon!

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