Meet Weedtubers Who Paid to Toke Up

Meet Weedtubers Who Paid to Toke Up

This attracts a lot of people making money by posting videos on YouTube.

Tutorials, family vacations, product reviews and other silly antics make the rich overnight.

But have you ever heard of weedtubers?

These are the people who get paid to smoke marijuana and put it up on the internet.

That’s right – get paid for baking.

Read on to find out some of the most famous weedtubers around.

Joel Hradecky: King Weedtubers
Considered the king of the weedtubers, Joel Hradecky has over 1.2 million followers, whom he found only in a short time.

His CustomGrow420 YouTube channel featured videos including him who tried to suck THC oil grams. This video garnered over 1.3 million views.

That number is almost the same as 1.5 million who saw Hradecky cough for seven minutes after his effort. It seems that Hradecky’s success thrives, in part, on the psychological notion that humans enjoy watching other humans suffer. Meet Weedtubers Who Paid to Toke Up

But this marijuana king not only toke up and make the audience laugh (or mock) over the love of entertainment. Thousands of fans actually turned to Hradecky for recommendations about bongs, strands of marijuana and other accessories.

Josh Young
If you are primarily looking for advice and information about smoking weeds, different ways can be smoked, or weed prices, Young is your man.

On her YouTube channel StrainCentral, smoking young marijuana from 3-10 times a day, right next to the viewers.

Young thinks that sometimes his fans are just, “looking for friends smoking.”

In the same way as other weedtubers like Hradecky, Young also posted a video showing the effort to smoke a large quantity of THC in a short time and its horrible effects.

With over 373,000 subscribers, Young obviously makes a really good smoking buddy!

Reef Reef Meet Weedtubers Who Paid to Toke Up
Being a harvester is not just for boys. Do not worry women, you can also be famous for smoking on YouTube too!

Just look at Coral Reefer. If you are looking for an interactive weedtube experience, Coral Reefer is your girl.

Coral Reefer hosts a live show every Sunday called “Stoney Sunday Live” where she answers pitch-related questions from viewers and fans. Coral is very passionate about marijuana and its many benefits.

Visit her channel and you’ll see her attend the cannabis show and share info about what’s going on in marijuana news.

Jane Dro
Another grass enthusiast who represents female cannabis lovers out there is Jane Dro. Meet Weedtubers Who Paid to Toke Up

If you want a more educational experience when it comes to marijuana, Dro is a great information center. Dro tells viewers about the growing ins and outs of marijuana and offers tips, as well as the look inside his own farming chamber.

Check out Dro channels for video and in-depth product reviews for serious and serious cannabis users. You might even see the following marijuana smoking star on our list while watching the Dro channel – both of which often appear in their respective videos.

You can not have a good smoking session without some nice snacks. Soundrone is about unboxing and reviewing products – and not just marijuana related items.

Visiting this unique channel channel will allow you to see candy, drink and snack reviews. A perfect compliment to your height.

His studies are often distracted by him who gets beaten from a bong or dull. Soundrone must have done something right because not only was he a successful successor, he was also a businessman.

Soundrone has its own hex axis line known as Bee Lasso.

Are you Next Next Big YouTube?
It’s hard not to be motivated by these itedtuber stars. They get paid to do what they love – that’s a great American dream, is not it?

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Smart Tips For Uncovering Marketing

Tips On Choosing an Online Marketing Agency

In current times, it is important to know that the internet is very important. A large section of people are today spending their time on the online platforms. Due to the large number of people in the online platforms, it is important to note that businesses need to come with methods on how they could reach out to this people so that they can see the products or the services that they offer.It is for this reason that a person needs to contract the services of an online marketing agency.

A person is bound to reap very many gains if they hire the best online marketing agency.However, all over the world, people face the challenges in the selection of the best online marketing agency.Some tips need to be adhered to in the selection of the right online marketing agency. In order for a person to reap the benefits that are associated with the best online marketing agency, it is important to note as well as appreciate that some rules or regulations need to be followed in the selection process.

Experience is one of the factors that people need to adhere to in the selection process of the best online marketing agency.It is important to hire an online marketing agency that has been offering its services for a considerable amount of time.One of the other very important factors to consider in the selection process of the best online marketing agency is cost. In exercising the cost consideration, people as well as businesses are advised to contract the marketing agencies that have the costs that fit into their budget.

Researching on the internet is the other very important factors to consider in the selection process of the best online marketing agency.There are lot of information on the online marketing agencies available in the market.One of the benefits that a person is bound to reap is that they are able to carry out a comparison between the people or companies offering the services thereby enabling better decision making.

One of the other tip that people need to follow while choosing the best online marketing agency is checking if the agency is up to date with the latest in the digital marketing space.The reputation of a company is also very important to consider in the selection of the best digital marketing agency.The track record of the company is also very important to check here.This knowledge is important as it helps minimize loses as well as errors.

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Smart Tips For Finding Vegas

How to Choose a Call Girl

In the internet age today, it is very easy for you to get a call girl.It is possible of you to find all kinds of call girls only who specialize in any fetish as well as any way you would like them to appear.

It would be dangerous as well as risky for you to get the right escort you would want.Amount of time to spend, escort lingo as well as where you will keep your money are some of the things that you will need to keep in mind when it comes to choosing a call girl.In order for you to choose the best call girl, there are some factors that you must keep in might turn to be an overwhelming task for you getting the most suitable escort you need in your own specifications since the market is full of different options.This article provides you with some tips that you should consider so that the process of finding can turn to be an easy on for you and get the right girl.

The first tip to ensuring that you pick on the right call girl is finding a reputable directory site for escort. In the directory sites, you will find memoirs ads for you to search through. In order for you to determine if you are in a good site or not, check heather the ads are posted on monthly basis. Ensure that you don’t look up o sites which post ads everyday rather than monthly.The reason why you should go for those sites which post their ads daily is because they will attract lower class companions since they are cheap.

The second tip to ensuring that you get the right call girl for all your needs is searching for an independent escort or an agency for companions. It will be important for you to ensure that you pick on an escort agency since you will be assured of some consistency services.After finding the particular escort agency you think that will be good for you, the booker will help you to get the best call girl who will fit all your requirements.One of the draw backs with call girl agencies is that you will have to pay more for the service to when compared with independent call girls.

In order for you to get the right call girl to match your needs, you will need to narrow your search to the kind of escort you are looking.Height, physical features as well as age are some of the things that you should use when it comes to picking the right call.

These points will help you to getting the right call girl.

Another Source: this page

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The Key Elements of Great Marketing

Donnia Rambin – Professional Sales Manager

One of the well-known premier providers of digital marketing services and the nation’s premier provider would be the Digital Marketing Experts International. They also have welcomed a new professional who is added to their team who is Donnia Rambin. She is the company’s new Sales Manager. She’s likewise a marketing expert who have more than 30 years of experience in business and organization. Through this article, you will learn more about Donnia Rambin’s success with the company.

The fact that she has been in the industry for three decades and more, she understands well how important marketing is to the success of a business. Marketing campaigns capable of reaching target audiences of the company and capable of creating excitement on their service or product could reach success. Also, such campaigns likewise becomes more important on the massive scope of influence of the internet. Donna also said that she is excited with such opportunity given to her because she is able to help customers to grow their business with digital market and she is also looking for the full potential of business owners.

DMEI likewise offers comprehensive set of digital marketing services that are customized carefully for every business owner’s unique needs and to also target people who are in need of their service or product. Their offers likewise includes website as well as e-commerce design, search engine optimization, social media solutions and many more. Rather than only providing their customers with a simple service, DMEI could give each business the benefit of full-scale marketing teams that will fully manage and is also backed up by executive force.

Donnia likewise said that they will strive hard in order to be more and be able to do more than simple advertising agencies. They likewise helps business owners to be able to exceed their goals and to take their business to the next level. They will be able to help deliver customized solutions which will allow customers in building a profitable online presence.

Digital Marketing Experts International is a full service and this is likewise an off-site digital marketing team for businesses. They have a vision also to offer each business with a profitable online presence while they drive sales and enhance growth through inbound marketing. They give their clients with full-scale marketing teams that are being fully managed by an executive force. They take the goal of their clients in mind and their team works well that takes aware any doubts when it would end up successfully or not. Another addition to that is that their professional team is something to highlight. They are also very well-known on optimizing business listings and to also help a business be taken to the first page. The last thing is that they also have case studies.

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Take Security into Your Own Hands and Get a HIPAA Risk Assessment

If the organization handles protected health information, or the IRC, the Department of Health and Human Services requires you to conduct a risk analysis as the first step toward implementing safeguards specified in the HIPAA Security Rule, and ultimately achieving HIPAA compliance.

This includes all HIPAA hosting providers.

But what does a risk analysis entail exactly? And what should be included in your report?

The Health and Human Services Security Standards Guide outlines nine mandatory components of a risk analysis.
Conducting a thorough HIPAA risk assessment is extremely difficult to do yourself, though. You may want to contract with a HIPAA auditor to help you.

Most people simply do not know where to look, or they end up bypassing things because they do not understand data security.

If the risk analysis is foundational to your security, then you do not want to see the key elements in the analysis.

There are nine components that healthcare organizations and healthcare-related organizations that store or transmit electronic protected health information must include in their document:

1. Scope of the Analysis

To identify your scope – in other words, flats within your organization.

This includes all ePHI – portable media, desktops and networks.

There are four main parts to consider when defining your scope.

Where PHI starts or enters your environment.
What happens to it once it’s in your system.
Where PHI leaves your entity.
Where the potential or existing leaks are.
2. Data Collection

Below is a list of places to get you started in the documentation of where PHI enters your environment.

Email: How many computers do you use, and who can log on to each of them?
Texts: How many mobile devices are there, and who theirs?
EHR entries: How many staff members are entering in data?
Faxes: How many fax machines do you have?
USPS: How is incoming mail handled?
New patient papers: How many papers are required to fill out? Do they do this at the front desk? Examination room? Somewhere else?
Business associate communications: How do business associates communicate with you?
Databases: Do you receive marketing databases of potential patients to contact?
It’s not enough to know only where PHI begins. You also need to know where it goes once it enters your environment.

To fully understand what happens to PHI in your environment, you have to record all hardware, software, devices, systems, and data storage locations that touch PHI in any way.

And then what happens when PHI leaves your hands? It is your job to ensure that it is transmitted or destroyed in the most secure way possible.

Once you know all the places where PHI is housed, transmitted, and stored, you’ll be better able to safeguard those vulnerable places.

Identify and Document Potential Vulnerabilities and Threats

Once you know what happens during the PHI lifecycle, it’s time to look for the gaps. These gaps create an environment for unsecured PHI to leak in or outside your environment.

The best way to find all possible leaks is to create a PHI flow diagram that documents all of the information you found above and lays it out in a graphical format.

Looking at a diagram makes it easier to understand PHI trails and to identify and document anticipated vulnerabilities and threats.

A vulnerability is a flaw in components, procedures, design, implementation, or internal controls. Vulnerabilities can be fixed.

Some examples of vulnerabilities:

Website coded incorrectly
No office security policies
Computer screens in view of public patient waiting areas
A threat is the potential for a person or thing to trigger a vulnerability. Most threats remain out of your control to change, but they must be identified in order to assess the risk.

Some examples of threats:

Geological threats, such as landslides, earthquakes, and floods
Hackers downloading malware onto a system
Actions of workforce members or business associates
Again, if you’re above-average in terms of compliance, you may only have a minimum understanding of vulnerabilities and threats. It’s crucial to ask a professional for help with your HIPAA risk assessment.

Assess Current Security Measures

Ask yourself what kind of security you are taking to protect your data.

From a technical perspective, this might include any encryption, two-factor authentication, and other security methods HIPAA hosting provider.

Since you now understand how PHI flows in your organization, and can better understand your scope. With that understanding, you can identify the vulnerabilities, the likelihood of threat occurrence and the risk.

Determine the Likelihood of Threat O

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What are the Benefits of Using Polycom Mobile Phones?

What are the Benefits of Using Polycom Mobile Phones?

Today’s business landscape demands nothing but the best communication possible.

Sawmill 9-to-5 is basically dead, because business is done 24/7 in internet media and social media today. To improve your business communications, invest a set of polycom phones.

This type of phone uses Voice over IP (VoIP) internet communications instead of traditional landlines. In addition, features video chat, SMS, e-mail and other features.

Read on to find out why you need a poly phone in your office.

What are the Advantages of Polycom Phones?
Let’s see clearly why polio will have many advantages.

1. Call is Crystal Clear
When switching to a poly phone, users will see outstanding call quality. Thanks to high-speed internet, high definition sound quality.

Not just superb audio quality, video call streams with HD video and smooth flow. Because so much data is transferred, users can jump on conference calls with many different parties without having to beat them.

Businesses increase their sales conversions when calls are reliable and secure.

A dual quality phone platform is down on sales and marketing efforts, especially with this powerful hub.

2. Telephone System Provides All in One Box
Businesses thrive using this phone system because they have everything they need on one platform.

This phone not only accepts voice calls, businesses can experience the transition between video chats, mobile device sync, access to digital apps and more with ease. By not having to switch devices, users can improve workflow and maximize communication.

This phone makes meeting easy and will save you money in the process. Each system is equipped with LCD touch screen technology, making it easy to switch between functions and calls.

While in the market for a poly phone system, running with VoiceOnyx is a good bet. The company not only has a high quality telephone system, but also prioritizes security so that data and information is not disturbed.

3. Phone With Easy Upgrade
Since this phone system does not rely on ground technology, the opportunity to expand is endless. Adding a phone line is as easy as creating an email address.

Polycom mobile phones have many hardware upgrades, allowing users to install various microphones to improve call quality. For example, a webinar hosting business professional might use an external mic, so they can speak clearly from a longer distance.

The phone is constantly having software upgrades and firmware to improve performance as well. Upgrading the firmware over the air gets rid of bugs and ensures all platforms operate as well as possible.

The ability to have unlimited conference calls helps all companies set goals and stay on the same page with every goal on a daily basis.

Switching to a phone system of this kind is a no-brainer for businesses that want to reach the next level.

Touch the basics with companies that can help you to further improve your business marketing communications efforts. Their copywriting, marketing and sales services provide an excellent complement to the new phone system.

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4 Best Engraved Gift for Your Employees

4 Best Engraved Gift for Your Employees

You want to show employees that you value them. But, you also do not want to give them a gift that will soon end at the next holiday party or thrown into the back of the closet forever forgotten.

How can you give your employees a special gift and which they will surely use and really enjoy? You’ll never go wrong with an engraved gift.

Here are 4 engraved gifts that your employees will surely love.

4 Engraved Prizes Your Employers Will Want
# 1: Personalized Wall Calendars

You not only want to give your employees something that looks good but will only collect dust. Instead, give them something they can use.

The personalized wall calendar is a great combination of both personal and useful gifts (especially at the office)!

If you work in an office, knowing dates is usually a great idea-and that’s important for that.

Document your potential employee date, countdown days until the holidays, track your next upcoming vacation, or all of the above.

Giving your staff a wall calendar will be helpful around the office, not to mention constant reminders of how wise your boss (blink, blink).

# 2: Custom Clocks

It’s time to get serious about rewarding.

A privately carved private hour is the best choice for any employee.

Whether the person is on time every day, or several times comes late, anyone and everyone wants and needs to know the time, right?

Giving employees an engraved clock as a gift is a way to tell them that you value their hard work sincerely.

Jam is a lasting gift to begin with – because it will always benefit anyone at the receiving end – and adding adjustments to it makes your presence even more wise.

# 3: Engraved Desk Accessories 4 Best Engraved Gift for Your Employees

While we are themed useful work gifts, let’s talk about desk accessories.

Desk employees if one place they can contact their own at work. Why not make items more suitable for them with carved table accessories?

If you are unsure of what table accessories can be an engraved gift, and which ones are the most used, check out the list below for some great ideas your staff will surely love.

Pencils and / or Pens
Coaster set
Name card holder
Post it and / or scrap pads
# 4: Unique Handcrafted Goods For Individuals

One of the gifts mentioned above can easily create wonderful personalized gifts that can work for any office relationship.

However, if you know your employees well, you may be looking for a more personal and unique gift for each individual.

Find out what’s special for every employee, what their hobbies are like, and find the prizes that need to be carved to their liking!

For example, if an employee liked a known game or strategist, give him an ornate chess set.

Maybe he made an average burger on the grill. Why not go for an engraved gift? 4 Best Engraved Gift for Your Employees

What gifts have you received from your boss so far? Which is awesome, and what is a total failure? Tell me about your gift from the past boss in the comments!

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The 5 Commandments of Exchange And How Learn More

How to Profit from IPO Stocks

IPO stocks are sometimes difficult to find. Brokers have a tendency to present IPO shares to the best customers they have as some form of incentive or gratitude for choosing them to be their broker. After all, there really is no reason to deal with an individual broker, or any other, so they are going to exploit any means available where they can add a little more sugar for their finest customers or clients. In this regard, upcoming IPO shares are one of the primary tools that they have. What this tells you as a minor individual investor who has nothing huge in terms of stock portfolio and money to support you is that you’ll there’s a very slim chance you can get a hold of new IPO shares ahead of their initial trading day. Naturally, you would want to own IPO shares so that you can benefit from what seems to be a continuous increase in price that a lot or majority of IPO shares have the tendency to make.

This turns out to be an even greater problem whenever the shares of stocks is being issued by some popular company, which is exactly what you would like to own.
Still, there are a few things you are able to do and we’ll discuss those things below:

First off, you will need to obtain advance information that tells you whichever IPOs are going to happen. Your best shot of finding such information is through the SEC or the securities and exchange commission.

You should be telling your stockbroker as totally ahead of time possible the IPO shares that you’re interested in.

Most IPO shares gets to be priced on the very last hour, in other words you will not have any idea ahead of time.

Make sure that you inform your broker that you are agreeable to the highest price range that will be offered. This will let the broker know that you’re not joking about such matter.

You can definitely amend your decision before the stock gets issued, especially if you feel that you’re going to be paying too much for each share, and if you do that your stockbroker is like to remember and will no longer offer you upcoming IPO shares later on. So, try to keep that in your mind.

Remember, the bigger your trading account, the more apt is your broker to work alongside yourself in finding the new IPO stocks you have in mind.

If your chosen broker cannot promise to get you IPO shares, it only makes sense to look for one who may be less significant but more eager to go the extra mile for you.

Nevertheless, IPOs will definitely go on to be very interesting for a lot more years.

The Beginner’s Guide to Trading

6 Facts About Stocks Everyone Thinks Are True

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The Art of Mastering SEO

Tips to Consider When Looking for the Right SEO Agency.

Search Engine Optimization is the most important aspects for any online company because these companies are investing in stability and visibility in this case. Whether your company is a B2C and a B2B company, you are likely to succeed.

SEO services is the only way for you to improve in your ranking in this case, in most cases, you may only work with a smaller team or an in-house expert. However, hiring an SEO agency is not enough, get one that is highly multifacitated in this case that will help you achieve your goals in this case. Always bear in mind that not all SEO agencies are quite the same.

This is why SEO is important because it has a lot of impact in the improvement of your business in this case, therefore, always avoid being confused by the number of agencies that are there and thus be careful in choosing the right agency for your business.

Get to Know the Background Knowledge.

Digging the past experience of an SEO partner for purposes of hiring, is one of the most important step when looking for one, the past information gives you the background knowledge and skills the particular partner has. Knowledge of the potential SEO partner, will be useful especially when you value your online growth journey.

Personal blogs, websites and social media platforms may be a channel through which you can gather a lot of information regarding the partner, the platforms may in addition allow you to judge the level of quality of work and the type of clients who visit them.

Check Out Experience Level.

Adequate experience in a particular industry is good quality for an SEO partner, most agencies has it. If in E-commerce industry, an agency in the same area and with adequate experience in online retail, will be an asset to your business.

Check the Price.

The moment you get an SEO agency, you have to be sure to know how much you are going to pay, in most cases, SEO agencies may prefer to have a contingency plan, which means that they may want payment after winning the case, these kinds of SEO agencies are the best to work with.

In such a scenario, you will not pay the money from your pocket before the cases has started and ultimately you will give some amount to the SEO agency as compensation, they will usually provide you with high quality service and that is why contingency basis SEO agencies usually get more clients.

Do not forget that these tips will really help you get the right SEO agency.

Getting To The Point – Services

A Quick Overlook of SEO – Your Cheatsheet

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Questions About Laws You Must Know the Answers To

How To Determine The Best Personal Injury Lawyer For Legal Representation

Numerous individuals find themselves in need of the services of a personal injury lawyer in Jacksonville Florida, and when you are determining the attorney to hire, there is the need to settle for the best one. Accidents are occurring at a high rate nowadays, but most of the individuals who find themselves injured in a crash aren’t in any way responsible for the crashes. Most individuals with injuries sustained in an accident won’t be responsible for the accident, and this means that they need to file a claim to get compensation.

When you are out to file a claim, it is beneficial to have the assistance of a lawyer. Even when you do not have a lawyer, you will still enjoy the right to file a claim with the insurance company, but you can enhance your odds of getting compensated when you involve a lawyer when filing your claim. While an attorney will have a better understanding of the law which gives them a high chance of winning the lawsuit, there are law firms that also have medical experts who will help gather facts and ensure that one has a high probability of winning their suit. Most individuals who have missed out on settlement in the past isn’t because they did not have evidence to show that they were injured, but they lacked understanding of the law while it might also be due to missing a set deadline that made them lose dollars, but when you have a lawyer, they focus even on the most minute details that will make sure one gets compensated.

One of the main considerations when finding a personal injury lawyer Jacksonville Florida is the area of specialization. It isn’t just any lawyer who will be able to competently defend your interests when you are filing a personal injury suit, thus the need to find a lawyer specializing in handling personal injury claims.

One also needs to determine the level of experience of an assigned personal injury lawyer before you can opt to utilize their services. When approaching a given law firm, there is the need to determine the level of experience that comes with an assigned lawyer, as well as the combined experience of the lawyers. Ensure that you engage services of lawyers who have been practicing law for some years.

One also needs to determine the reputation of a given law firm before signing a contract to engage their services. Testimonials as well as online reviews from the clients of a given law firm will help them determine the lawyers for the job.
Questions About Laws You Must Know the Answers To
A Simple Plan For Researching Attorneys

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